How to Generate Your Own Village in Minecraft PE

Do you know how to spawn villages in the Minecraft Pocket Edition? You have to follow a few steps to do it. 

You can spawn villages very easily in the Minecraft Pocket Edition. To do this, you will need to go to the following link and download the behavior pack.

After the installation, you have to restart your game. Now go to the Add-Ons section and click on Behaviour Packs. Then press the Activate button.

You have to generate the village on your own. You have to write a command in the Chat. The command is /function village/plains.   

Now you are done, and your village will spawn in the game.  

You can also spawn old villages. The command to spawn an old village is /function village/old. The old villages are old-fashioned, and no one exists in them. 

You have to stay on land to spawn the village on land.

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