How To Get 10+ Characters In Day 1 – X60 Wish – Genshin Impact Reroll Guide

This guide will tell you how you can get more than 20 characters on Day 1 – x60 Wish on Adventure Rank 7 in Genshin Impact.

You will need to finish Lisa’s trial and teleport back to Mondstadt so you can collect everything and start rolling.

They could help you to do one last roll.

Few more wishes upon collecting rank rewards.

All of these are claimable in the mailbox when reaching Adventure Rank 7, 10 more Aquaint Fates on Rank 10.

There will also be Primogems stacked daily for the next 7 days, so make sure to check back on your accounts.

You would end up with a similar Primogem amount or higher by a few 160x Primogem gifts and daily rewards.

Beginner’s banner is the most you need to open first, it has the most value of all.

Claim the first timeshare rewards.

Buy 4 more Aquaint Fates or wait to reach Adventure Rank 10 if you don’t plan on ever restarting over.

Next is either Venti’s or the 5* weapons banner, each has its valuable points.

It’s best to get duplicates of characters you plan to use to maximize the potential other than new types.

To pull the last x10 roll, convert your stardusts into 5 Intertwined Fates (5 is the monthly limit).

For the last few rolls left, you can stick to one banner and benefit most from the guaranteed%.

5 or 6 more wishes would be available after the rolling and converting process making the total 56 +4 logins.

So in a total of 56 wishes, we had 10 characters, 2 of them were duplicates for constellations.

The standard would be around 11 character pulls for all the 60 wishes done on Adventure Rank 7. This time doing the Epitome Invocation banner for winning 5* weapons instead.

Aquila and Amos’ are the top weapons in-game, getting one at the start can help you save mats and more refining low tier weapons.

The chances of pulling a 5* The star item is 17% higher than the other wish banners and every ¾ It’s one of the two. Upon getting a 5* star item from this banner, you get 10-star glitters which is like 2 extra more wishes.

After getting 1 copy, you might need a character to use on or try to get more copies for refinement and stick with the originals.

5* weapons get around 10% ATK base and 10% secondary stat increase from their fellow 4*s.

If you choose to go with the weapons pack, you tend to get more stars glitters, and therefore you can redeem, the 4* character of your choice (Refreshed monthly).

Your chance of getting greater pulls depends on the server’s random generator, no tricks involved.

You are more likely to land on a perfect set, the more work of 35min rerolls you do.

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