How to Get 3 Secret Skins/Traps in Piggy

In this guide, you will learn how to get three secret skin/traps in Roblox Piggy. You will also find out the location of all the question marks. 

Firstly, you will need to get a friend or an alt account to play with you during the first part. 

After that, you have to choose City on Player and Bot mode for this to work.

There it is, your safe place! 

They’ll be pretty surprised that we found someone.

Let’s find a way to get in! Now, you will need to escape the map. 

Once the gate is open, you need to grab the Mrs P picture hidden under a purple car and escape with it in your hand. 

Now you have to go to the Plant map; it doesn’t need a specific mode on Plant. 

Now you need to escape this map as well.

To get the true ending & the Mr P skin, you will need to go to Mr P, once the cutscene ends.

Crawling Trap 

To get the Crawling trap, you’ll have to go to Book 2, Chapter 9 Docks. 

Now you need to open the red door/get the candle. 

Find the five eyes hidden around the map. 

The crawling trap monster spawns when you click all 5. Now you have to direct it to the open coffin downstairs.

It will give you the trap. To get the skin, you need to go to chapter 10 – Temple.  

It will be challenging to do solo, so getting a friend or an alt account is recommended to be the piggy! 

Now you need to get to the purple safe/the first question mark location for this hunt.


You will need to use the candle on the question mark, and a number symbol will appear in a random location. There are 4 locations it can show up, the blue room, green room, under yellow safe and on our way to the red door.

Now you need to find the second question mark.

Now you need to find the second number symbol. They appear in the same locations but a different order. The second number here is 3. So it is now 5 & 3. Remember the numbers for later!  

The third question mark is also right behind this location.

Now you need to find the third number symbol.

This one is 4. So now it’s 5, 3, 4 for me. Remember, it’s not going to be the same order for you. The fourth question mark is also right next to this location.

Now you need to find the last one.

The final one for me is 6. The order for me is 5,3,4, and 6. The fifth question mark also appears right here. 

Now, you will need to go to the piggy spawn location.

Here, you need to enter the order you got. Click them to get the skin.

The skin you get is called Phenna.   

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