How to get 60/60 Cold and electric Archmelee/Archgun mods in Warframe

In this guide, you will come to know how to get 60/60 Cold and electric Archmelee/Archgun mods in Warframe. 

To start, the main place you’re going to be farming for either of the mods is at Kaiso’s rest on the Saturn Proxima, as you’re going to be looking for a specific enemy that can spawn in that mission.

Once you get in the mission, more or less each time, you should see an asteroid base objective telling you to kill the commander. Two types of commanders can spawn on the base: the Glacik and the Lektro. The Lektro has a chance at dropping the 60/60 cold mods hypothermic shell and cryo coating. 

If you are only trying to get either the cold or electric mods, going straight to the asteroid base is recommended and seeing which commander spawned in your game. If it isn’t the one you’re looking for specifically, you can back out and re-run the mission to save time instead of doing all the objectives and not getting the commander type you’re looking for.

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