How To Get 980 Free Promo Diamonds In Mobile Legends Bang Bang

The 515 carnival party event is very simple but a little lengthy to understand. Firstly, In this guide, you will learn the method to get 980 diamonds from the 515 carnival party event for free.

You have to choose one of these 515 party skins. During this challenge, you will face four random players who have a similar number of points as yours.

There are two ways to earn points:

  1. Invite friends to help you.
  2. By completing tasks.

The ranking rewards which included 515 Gold and Silver coins can be gained after each round ends and can be exchanged for rewards when the event is over. If you have not claimed the reward of one round, you will be able to invite friends to help in the next round.

Participants will be ranked at the end of each round, which will be based on the total points they’ve gained. Remember, more points = higher ranking. If two players score the highest points simultaneously, they will be tied for second place, and no one will win first place. Your initial score depends on your level.

Lv.1-10 grants you 2 points.

Lv. 11-20 gives you 4 points.

Lv. 21 and above grants you 6 points.

Your popularity score (shown on the right side of the card) will increase when you reach 2, 10, 30, 60, 120, and 200 points.

The popularity score is capped at 6. You can earn points by inviting friends to help. Friends at Lv.1-10 can give you 2 points, friends at Lv.11-20 can give you 4 points; friends at Lv.21. And above can give you 6 points.

You can obtain rewards by helping other players up to 5 times per round. Your points will be kept over rounds and each friend can help only once during the whole event. Every day you can ask for help once from the friends, groups, and squad section. To assure balance, you cannot match with players for sometimes before each round ends.


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