How to Get “A Redeemed Soul” Badge in Banana Eats

This guide will teach you how to get the Halloween boonana and the “ a redeemed soul” badge in Roblox Banana Eats. 

This badge is also known as the New Banana Eats Badge. It will pop up in the game when a gravestone has spawned!

The gravestone will spawn in the map that you are playing on. It usually spawns mid-round, but not ever round. And when you find the gravestone, there will be a code on it! 

You have to write down or memorize the code that is on the gravestone. All codes are different and can only be used once, though. 

The gravestones can spawn everywhere on the map and also spawn on every map. 

When you have the code, you can die or escape to get back to the lobby. 

When you are in the lobby, go to the code redeem menu and enter the code on the gravestone.  

You will get the Halloween boonana and the “ a redeemed soul” badge! 

It is Halloween exclusive skin. So that means the skin and the badge will be unobtainable when the Halloween event is over.   

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