How To Get A Requiem Arrow | Your Bizarre Adventure

This guide will tell you how to get a Requiem Arrow in Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure game. You will also learn what prestige level is needed for this.

1. You need to be at prestige 3 because if you are at prestige 2 or 1, you will be weaker than prestige 3 players.

If you prestige again. You will need to win the steel ball run again.

To prestige, you need to be at max level of each prestige.

The max level of Prestige 0 is 35 and that of Prestige 1 is 40. The max level of Prestige 2 is 45 and that of Prestige 3 is 50.

You will need to talk to this NPC, and pay him %5000 per 1 prestige.

And your level will be reset, that means you will lost your progress.

After you got prestige 3.

2. Win a steel ball run -can be any mode-

After you win, you have to talk to this NPC. Pay him $7500 and a mysterious arrow.

For a requiem arrow, you can buy it anytime any amount.

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