How To Get a Star Drop In The Secret Woods

Star drop is a special time that can be found in the secret woods area of the game. It is used to increase the maximum energy of the player. 

Below are the steps to find out the star drop in the stardew valley: 

We will be finding hidden gems (star drop fruit and special wood) near your farm by walking into the mighty leafy forests to the southwest.

Find Steel Axe:

To find out the star drops, you’d need to go to the secret woods. Move out of your farm and take the path east towards the fields of Marnie. Look for iron or steel axes on your way to cut down the secret woods on the entrance of the mighty cindersap forests which are located on the eastern west of the fields. 

Entering into secret woods:

Once you enter into the jungle, you will see some slimes, snails and other animals of this type. There will be some tree stems, you’d need to cut them by using an axe. You will get 12 hardwood pieces everyday after chopping them down and it is essential for you to take them everyday.

You have to save yourself from the slimes roaming around you. It is not necessary to kill them with the help of any weapon, instead just bluff them using different tactics.

You will also find some forage bowls around you, just pick them up. The bowls will change as the season changes. In autumn, you will see many mushrooms out there including red and common mushrooms.

Engaging with Old Master Cannoli statue:

As you proceed further, you will see a statue of Old Master Cannoli, start a conversation with this statue and he will tell you that he is looking for any kind of sweet. Offer him a sweet gem berry fruit that is obtained from a very special seed. You will get the seed from the travelling merchant for 100 gold. This seed will take 24 to 28 days to crop and produce the fruit after a whole season.

And you have another option to plant this in the green house, then the season will not matter. You have to complete the pantry bundle in the community center in order to get a green house. Any ways you will get the required star drop after giving away the sweet berry, this would be a very cheerful moment for you. It will remind you of the sweetness of the cake and also maximize your energy level.

Scenes after getting star drop kudos!

You must have to present the berry to the fruit master Cannoli.

Fishing for the woodskip fish:

In this forest, you will find a pond with a special kind of fish called woodskip. This fish can be found only in this pool. You will need this fish for the community bundle so that you can construct the greenhouse. Just wait for the perfect time and strike the fish with an arrow.

Here is the reward of your wait. You got a fish from the pond.

This pond is considered as a lake, so if you catch a fish it is also considered as a lake fish. In our case, we have catched a plain corp fish.

Revealing the Secret one’s (woods):

Another very important thing, there is a secret place here that is surrounded by trees. And you will find two more tree stems there, make sure to cut them in order to obtain hardwoods. You may get 12 hardwoods everyday.

So that is the story of secrets you have known now. Keep exploring the Stardew valley.

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