How To Get ALL Hisuian Starter Pokemon – Cyndaquil, Rowlett & Oshawott – Pokemon Legends: Arceus

In this guide, you will come to know how to get all Hisuian Starter Pokemon – Cyndaquil, Rowlett & Oshawott in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

At the beginning of the game, you will need to choose between Oshawott Cyndaquil and Rowlet between the water, fire or grass-type pokemon. They all have their new final evolutions. Rowlet goes into Decidueye, the fighting grass type pokemon, Oshawatt goes into Samrat, a dark water type pokemon, and then syndical goes into Typhlosion pokemon, the fire ghost type.

The standard type attack moves don’t damage you only if you are a ghost-type pokemon and the fire goes around the neck of Typhlosion. There are two methods to get the other starters that do not involve trading, so you do not need a friend to trade away their starter pokemon. 

The first method revolves around the professor. You will need to go back to where it all began, and there he gave you your starting pokemon, but after you have finished the game and the credits have rolled at the end. You have to return to the village, and then when you can free roam, you have to enter into the galaxy building.

After that, enter the first room on your right side, and then you take a left to go into the professor’s room. When you get there, speak to the professor, and he will give you a good congratulations and give you the other two starters that you didn’t pick at the beginning of the game.

The second method, which is RNG-focused, will take a bit longer than this because it comes with a bonus in which you can get shiny versions by doing it this way. So for the second method, you will use these space-time distortions again. 

Once you beat the game’s main story and return to the village when you get the credits, the three starter pokemon will start appearing in the space-time distortions at random Rowlet, and its evolutions can occur in Coronet Highlands.

Cyndaquil and its evolutions will start to distort in Crimson Milan. Then Oshawott and its Evolutions will spawn in rifts in Alabasta, Iceland. If you choose to use this method via the space-time distortions, you should know that the spawn rates for these starters are rare. So you will have to be prepared to grind, and you will be reliant on getting lucky and getting the shiny version.

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