How to Get All New Accessories + Candies in King Legacy

This guide will let you know how to get all four new accessories and candies in Roblox King Legacy. 

Table of Contents

    First Accessory

    The first accessory drops by sea king, and the drop rate is probably 5 to 10 percent.  

    For the other three, you have to go to the new island. 

    You will need to collect candies to get the other three accessories. You can get it by killing sea beasts and Jack O Lanterns. 

    Second Accessory

    Hallo Lamp:

    Second accessory Hallo Lamp, which cost 500 candies. 

    Third Accessory

    Hallo Shawl:

    The next one is the Hallo Shawl, which costs 750 candies. 

    Fourth Accessory

    Pumpkin Smasher:

    The last one is Pumpkin Smasher, which cost 1500 candies.  

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