How to Get All New Cassettes in Soul Knight

This guide will let you know about all the new cassettes in the Soul Knight game. 

  • Hymn:

The first cassette is “Hymn” (Swamp Biome Music). You can get it dropped from the monster.

  • Beware of Falling:

The next cassette is “Beware of Falling” (Grave Biome Music)

You can get it after completing the “Graceful WAlk” Achievement. It requires you complete Grave Biome.

  • Stellar Moments:

The last cassette on the list is “Stellar Moments”. 

You can get it after unlocking all the Chinese Opera themed skins.

Now let’s hear music from new cassettes. Hymn

The sound is dark and creepy. Beware of Falling

Stellar Moments.

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