How To Get All Season Pass Rewards For FREE

In this guide, you will get all the season pass rewards for free without buying the pass. Go through this guide, and you will unlock the entire pass without spending Robux. 

Step 1

To do this glitch, you first have to login into any account that does not currently own the pass. It can either be an alt account or your main with the rewards not unlocked.

Once logged into the account, head to Jailbreak and join any server type. 

Once in Jailbreak, you will need to join either team and make your way out of prison to escape normally. 

Step 2

You will need another player later on for the season pass glitch. After escaping, spawn in any vehicle and head over to the garage on the map.

Once you arrive, drive your vehicle inside any vacant stall just like normal. 

Step 3

Now you will need to remove all the equipped customizations. It includes all textures, engines, suspension, rims, tires, spoilers, and more. But once finished removing customizations, you have to drive your vehicle outside the garage.  

Step 4

After that, wait for any player who is level 10 to arrive and assist you with glitching. It includes a random person on the server or a friend who has the items. 

Once they arrive, you have to exit your current vehicle and spawn any new one to use for it. Don’t forget that not all vehicles have the same customization menu. 

Step 5

Next, exit the vehicle and have your level 10 player customize the car.

But once your vehicle has the items you want, swap drivers of the new vehicle.

Step 6

After that, you have to drive your customized vehicle inside any garage stall that is not being used. Go under body colour and select any customization unowned.

Once selected, don’t close the menu, and instead jump to exit and walk out. Finally, you have to spawn the same vehicle and drive inside any stall again.

And just like that, after going inside your car will have all the items. 

Step 7

Now you are free to continue playing without having to finish contracts. This small glitch is very useful since you can save almost 300 Robux. 

It makes it great for showing off to friends or trolling by being level 1. It is highly suggested to test this out before the season ends and the reward removed. You will get all season pass rewards while being level 1. 

It makes it not only a great way to save money but also time grinding.

Step 8

To do this, you first have any player with the maxed out season pass and customize it. They will give you almost every reward like colours, textures, spoilers.

But once customized with what you want, drive the vehicle inside the garage.  

Go under body colour and select anything that you don’t own.

After selecting, jump to close the menu and walk outside your garage stall. You have to spawn the same vehicle and drive back inside the garage to have the item. 

Step 9

Once you go back in, you will equip every item from the pass.

However, all the rewards can not be transferred across between players. One of these rewards includes the compass rims, which don’t transfer when glitching it.

It is because, unlike other customizations, rims have no option to equip “None”.

It means that no matter when you customize, you will always have them ON. It becomes very annoying when doing this glitch since it stops you from getting it. 

Step 10

However, you can bypass this using your mobile garage gamepass. For this, you will need to drive your vehicle over and allow the other player to customize it. 

Once customized, don’t enter yet, but instead, you have to open a mobile garage then enter. 

After that, go under customize and select any body colour just like before.  

Step 11

Next, jump out of the vehicle and spawn another to drive. Once again, drive inside any stall, and you will have the rims. 

The rims will be equipped for your car whenever you try to customize it. Now this means you are free to leave the server and keep the rims and all still owned. 

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