How to Get Amalgam Mods in Warframe

In this guide, you will learn how to get the Amalagan mods in Warframe. 

Amalagan mods can come from sealing a certain number of fractures from the Thermia Fractures event. It is a limited-time event that often comes and goes on Fortuna/Orb Vallis.

You can try to find a fracture near the Temple of Profit since the Exploiter Orb is over there. You can get coolant quickly from the coolant raknoids that follow her around, but you can find fractures just about anywhere in the Orb Vallis.

For every fracture you seal using only one coolant, you’ll get 1 point toward the points you’ll need for the event get the amalgam mods. To get all the mods, you will need to have 50 points.

You can speed up earning points by sealing 4 Different fractures using one coolant, or you can use four coolants to use 1 Fracture. But if you choose to seal one fracture using four coolants, then make sure that you are using a solid frame or gear or have teammates with you. 

The more coolants you add to a fracture, the more difficult it will become to defend it while it’s sealing. Either method will give you 7 points for each run, and if you gain 7 points per fracture by doing any of these two methods, it will take you about 7,8 fractures to get the 50 points you need for the Amalgam mods. 

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