How to Get an Undercover Police Car in GTA 5 Online

In this guide, you will find out how to get an UNDERCOVER POLICE car in Grand Theft Auto 5 ONLINE.

First, you have to boot up your game, then open your phone and call Martin. When he answers your call, then you have to request him for the job and remember the name of the job once you get it.

After this, you have to open your interaction menu, then select the secure server, and go to VIP work. After that, scroll down, and select Hostile Takeover. First, you have to go to Alice ia and then you have to press the stop button. After that, set the location to LSIA and click on the Start button.

Now you have to drive straight once you have driven through the security door in front of you, there will be some FBI agents. You simply have to go to the red dot on your map. It will say you to pick up the briefcase but make sure that you don’t pick up the briefcase. Once you reach the red dot, the agent will start shooting at you.

Once you kill all of them, then you have to get into the underground agent car. At that time, so many police cars will come and they will start shooting at you. You have to make sure that they just don’t kill you. You just have to keep driving once you have opened the gates and driven through them and then you have to stop somewhere so you can quickly open your mobile and then you have to remember the job. Then you have to pay Lester and then you have to quit the job.

After quitting the job you have to kill all the police officers shooting at you. After killing the cops you will get your undercover agent car. As the car is fully damaged now. If you want to fix it then you have to open the map and then find LD. After this, you have to head over to LD. After reaching there you have to park your car in the blue circle. now you have to press Y or triangle to get out f the car and then you have to span the right arrow on the d-pad as this will trigger the activity. Now it will start fixing your car.