How to Get and use Pylons – Terraria 1.4

This guide will let you know how to get and use Pylons in Terraria 1.4. To use Pylons, there must be NPCs that live in at least two different biomes. 

For example, in the forest/starting biome and in the desert biome. The NPCs that live there must have good happiness, the right biome and in some cases, the right NPC partner. 

There must be items selling NPC too, for example, merchants, guns dealers etc. 

As you can see, this NPC is in the right state of happiness. There must not be any negative statements by the NPC.

If the NPC is happy enough, they will sell you Pylons depending on their biome, for the case, the forest pylon.

Once you buy it, you will need to place it on any flat surface.

You need two Pylons for it to work, now for the second one. 

There’s another example of NPC happiness; the guns dealer NPC specifically likes the desert biome when he is close to the nurse.

As you can see, no negative statements. For example, too many people around or not liking a specific NPC nearby. 

Pylons cost about eight gold.

Now to use the Pylons, you have to right-click, and it will open up the map. Click the other Pylons, and you will be teleported automatically.

Keep in mind that you can’t teleport to Pylons using the map. You can do this for all the biomes that are habitable by NPC’s.  

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