How to Get Anjanath EARLY in Monster Hunter Stories 2

This guide explains the method of getting Anjanath early in monster hunter stories 2. The player will need to connect to the internet and select the Slay (Anjanath) option to enter into the playing field. Kill the Anjanath and collect his egg to hatch.

In order to get Anjanath early in monster hunter stories 2, the first thing you need to make sure is that you are in the Rehoot village. Secondly, you should need to have multiplayer unlocked. The game doesn’t tell how multiplayer options can be enabled, it just shows the options being used.

After unlocking all the necessary features, now head over to the quest board and then move to the multiplayer mode.

Click on the online play. After selecting online play you will be connected to the internet.

A menu will appear in front of you and you have to select the Co-op quest from there.

Click on the (Slay) Anjanath option from, it will launch some missions in front of you. it’s going to create a co-op quest room and It’s going to find you a buddy online to do the mission with.

Now you need to complete the mission by locating the Anjanath. As you locate Anjanath, the next goal for you and your online friend is to enter the battle, defeat the Anjanat and steal the egg.

After defeating the Anjanath, the player will have the egg of Anjanath.

Now take this egg back to the stables and see the early Anjanath via hatching the egg in co-op method.

You will see a little boy or a girl be born. It will be your Anjanath.

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