How To Get Authentic Triple Katana In King Legacy

In this brief guide, we are going to tell you how to spawn a new Raid Boss and get a new sword in King Legacy.

So, to get the new sword Authentic Triple Katana you need to defeat the sea beast and after you defeat it, there is 1-5 % to get the level 3 tier chest. In the sea beast/ legacy island raid there are 3 levels of loot.

From the highest tier level 3 chest you will get the Authentic Triple Katana. But its chance of getting tier 3 chest is 1-5%.

Tier 3 chest looks like this, you will have high chances of getting legendary fruit and will have a chance of the katana. Authentic triple katana is the number 1 sword, I am sure about it.

Move (Z): WhirlWInd Slash shoots a fast triple slash shoots a fast triple slash with taking half of your health.

Move (X): winding blade instant slash with taking 60 percent of your health.

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