How to Get Bags to Increase Carry Weight – New World

In this guide, you will get to know how to get the bags in the New World. You have to follow the steps in this guide, and you will find how to craft a bag to increase your storage space in the Inventory.

You can get some bags in the New World very easily in no time; it will increase the carry weight for the Inventory. If you come up to the Inventory, you will find that you have three bag slots. You unlock the 1st Bag Slot as it is a part of the quest, and you get a free bag. The 2nd Bag Slot unlocks at Level 30 and the 3rd Bag Slot unlocks at Level 45. 

Furthermore, you can go to the Outfitting Station. There is a search tab on the top of the left hand, and you need to search for a bag.   

You need zero armory skill for the Coarse Leather Bag; it is the first bag you can craft. The bag which you get from the quest has only 50 Encumbrance, but it has 100 Encumbrance. You can get the materials very easily which are required to craft the bag. The materials are Coarse Leather, Linen, Iron Ingot, and Minor Rune of Holding.  

For the Minor Rune of Holding, you need to come to your faction vendor. It is where you can get the fashion missions and spend the faction tokens. After opening the faction board, you will need to click on the Buy Rewards

You will have the Minor Rune of Holding; you can buy it for a thousand faction tokens and 250,000 gold. 

For a better bag, you will have to buy different levels of Minor Rune of Holding.

After getting all the materials required for crafting, you will need to go back to the Outfitting Station and search for a bag. You can add some Azoth, as it will increase the chances of getting you a perk. You can also add Special Resources; it will give you a specific perk. It can provide you with luck or carry extra weight.    

This bag reduces the weights of ores, ingots, and pickaxes by 6.2%, as you can see in the image below.

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