How To Get Better in Roblox Banana Eats

With the recent growth in Banana Eats we have a guide on how to win more. Primarily this guide is for new players but it could help anyone though.  

How to win more as BANANA! 

You will need to place peels at the exits, it is very useful at the last minute when everyone is trying to escape. It may take more peels on some maps than others. 

Here is how it would look. Now you have to wait for the people to see them slipping at the exit.

Next, is to place “peels” around the map too, memorize where people often go and place the “peels”. 

Here is what it would look like when someone slips on it, you can get easy kills this way. Keep in mind that you only get 16 “peels” though.

How to win more as a SURVIVOR!

First remember the map layout and remembering the map can be useful to easily move and escape the banana. 

Next is completing puzzles, puzzles take time off the clock for every puzzle you complete.

They can be a big use to your team and help you escape faster. Next, if you are low on health or the only player left, hide and don’t complete the puzzles. They give away your position everytime you complete one.  

When the exits open at the 1:00 mark, run there as quickly as you can. There are always 2 exits on all maps and doing all these tips should help you win more games. 

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