How to Get Black Halo And Orange Halo In Time Trial

This guide will tell you how you can get the Black Halo, Orange Halo, and the Secret Room Badges in Roblox Time Trial. It will provide you with the exact location to find these things.

Black Halo:

To get the Black Halo, you first have to go to the “Other Obby’s”.

Once you’re here, you need to go to Roderic’s Obby. Jump all the obstacles and then jump through the wall.

After that, you will need to step on the Black Platform to get the Halo.

Here’s what the Halo looks like.

Orange Halo:

In order to get the orange halo, you will need to go to “Timid Obby’s”.

Now go to the Average Obby.

And touch this Block to get Teleported.

Once you’re here, you have to reach the yellow surface land and you’ll get the Badge. 

Here’s what the Halo looks like.

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