How To Get Chou, Brody & Selena Stun Skin In 1 Diamond

If you want to get Chou, Brody, and Selena stun skin at only one diamond, then you have come to the right place. This guide will tell you the method to get the stun skins in Mobile Legends.

You can make almost purchasable skins by using promo diamonds, worth only 1 diamond.

You can buy stun squad skins in the advanced server for 1 diamond. Apart from skins, you can buy other things too like painted skins, emote bundles, etc. It doesn’t work on any draw or spin neither on skin upgrade, so make sure to use it wisely. Minotaur Taurus Zodiac Encore stays for a month.

Chou Stun arrives at the original server.

And you can also use the upcoming promo diamonds. To get a discount up to 99% for getting these skins at only 1 Diamond. This skill is 899 Diamonds and stays for 30 days. But it’ll stay with a 30% discount for the first 20 days.

Here are some slo-mo skill effects of this skin.

Next is the carnival party event. You can use promo diamonds anywhere, make sure to participate in it every day as much as possible. Because consistency can give you diamonds up to 800 or even more, which is enough to buy any epic or light-born skin you want!

You can buy Yu Zhong from the grand collection event.

Then it’s the perfect time to save for this skin.

Stun skin of brody is the second on the list, same as chou stun.

It will be available with a 30% discount for the first 20 days. This skin will be available for only 30 days. Last Stun skin will be of Selena. The Most Awaited skin is Harith.

Harith fashion expert is free for everyone and you can get it from a separate free spinning event.


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