How to Get Clean Water in Project Zomboid. 

This guide will let you know how to get Clean Water from the Sink using a Rain collector in Project Zomboid

The materials you will need are planks used to make a good amount of rain collector. You will also need a saw, hammer, nails, and a pipe wrench. You will also need to craft a crate to install the Sink in it. To install a sink, you first need to steal it from anywhere, as shown in the image given below.

Plumbing in this game is only available after installing your legally acquired Sink. On the roof of a sink, you need to place the rain collector on the surroundings of the Sink.

Now you need to go back to the Sink, right-click on it, and select Mario Impression to connect the barrel to your Sink. As long as the water comes out from the barrel to the Sink, it will automatically turn into normal drinking water, as shown in the image below.

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