How To Get “Completed Extreme Mall” Badge + Swat Morph In Infected Developer’s Piggy

This guide will teach you to get the “Completed Extreme Mall” badge and Swat Morph in Infected Developer’s Piggy. You have to follow all the instructions carefully to get it.

The first thing you will need to do is open the menu and click on Extreme Mall to get teleported.

After that, you will need to get the Plank.

Now jump on the railings, move closer to the fence and stand on it.

You have to place the plank and walk ahead of it to trigger two Lasers. Then jump and make sure to avoid both lasers.

After that, go back there to get the Red Key, and use the Red Key on this Door. Once it opens, click on this machine to Lower its windows, then click on the Dynamite to get it.

Now, you need to use the dynamite in this area.

You’ll need to click on 6 Buttons on the register and then grab the Yellow Key. Use the Yellow Key on the door to open the bank. After that, get the Green Key and move to the green door upstairs.

You have to use the Green Key to open this door. Then grab the Orange Key and move downstairs.

Next, you have to use the orange key on this door and grab the Fire Extinguisher behind the counter. Then go back to the Green Key room.

After using the Fire Extinguisher, grab the wrench from the shell and grab the Grey Key from the Vent.

The next thing you will need to do is click on the Mannequin using your wrench to make it stop. Then grab the crowbar for its hands.

You will need to use the Green Key on this safe in the mannequin room to get the green keycard.

And then use the Crowbar on the ATM to get a Blue Key.

You need to move close to this door after getting the Blue Key and Green Keycard.

You will need to use the Blue Key on this door and the Green Keycard to open this safe to get the White Key.

Now you have to get to the White door and use the key on it.

After going into the white key room, you’ll need to run as fast as possible as a Raft will appear at the Hole present in the Map. After jumping on the Raft, stay on it by jumping just in case, so you don’t glitch into the Water, and you’ll get the badge.

For some reason, you might not get teleported to the lobby after escaping. But don’t worry, as long as you get the Badge, you’ll be fine.

Afterwards, go to the lobby and then navigate to the badges section to equip the Special Piggy Morph.

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