How to Get Crown Of Madness In Outfit In Piggy Roblox

To get the Crown Of Madness in Outfit In Piggy Roblox, you will need to follow the following steps:

First, you have to Play Chapter 1 of Book 2.

And make sure to use Star Code “PREMIUM” when buying Robux or Premium.

You will need to unlock the Green Key Door and use the mop.

After that, you have to wait until 5 minutes remaining and then click on this door to hear some knocks.

When you knock at the door after 5:00, you’ll hear a number of knocks. You have to count the knocks and follow them to this location.

If you knock at the Door for the first time and hear, suppose let’s say, 7 Knocks, then flip the Die to 7.

You have to go to the same door and knock for the second time. This time, you’ll get a different number of knocks.

Enter the washing room for the second location of the die.

For example, if you have 6 Knocks, you need to turn up the Die to 6.

Now go back to the door and knock for the third time. You’ll get a different number of Knocks.

For the Third Die, if you got 4 knocks, you need to turn up the Die to 4. If done correctly, return to the door for the 4th time and click on it.

Once you’re here, you will need to do a Series of Steps. The First Step is to make the levers face the wall.

After that, go to this room and put out all the fires, simply spam click on and around the Torch. After putting out all torches, go back to the area with the levers and make them face opposite the wall.

Now you need to click on the number lines according to the numbers that were on your Die. For Example, if the Number on Dies were 337, then you’ll need to click on the number lines according to them.

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