How To Get Cyborg Fighting Style | King Legacy

This guide will let you know how to get Cyborg Fighting Style in the King Legacy game.

A new update of king legacy came and they added CYBORG fighting style. It’s hard to find him but people manage to find it.

Make your way to Arlong Park (Shark Island).

And that NPC is hidden here in a secret cave. So let’s go and meet him. Roam around the area to find the secret cave and reach closer to NPC.

BTW, it cost 1 million Beli so you must have it while going there.

And also your melee must be 500 at least to use all the moves.

You can do it without Buso Haki on, so maybe less damage.

The 2nd move is the same as the first one.

The 3rd move is insane and the last move is super insane.

Yes it has a big range, pretty cool and both NPC’s will be dead.

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