How To Get Electro Fighting Style | King Legacy

In this guide, you will get to know how to get the electro fighting style in King Legacy.

King legacy just released that style. It is a new world by the way. It is not that far, it is a snow biome in the new word.

Go to electro master and have a chat with him.

The cost of the electro fighting style is 3.5 million beli. It looks so damn beautiful.

Move(Z): Electro Shock

Creates multiple shock waves and covers an area and its attack face is where you put your mouse.

Move (X) Flash Kick:

A fast move that creates an electric shock wave circle and gives about 10-II hits.

Move (C) : Electro Dash

A fast move/dash with a great amount of damage but needs to be precise and accurate.


Move (V): Electro zone

Give a thunder strike to an area/zone, basically a bigger version of flash kick.

And the codes are:

“150k likes” resets stats

“200Mvisits” +100,000 beli

“300KFAV” +100,000 bel

“Newdragon” +3 Gem

“Brachio” +1 Gem


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