How To Get End Times Wood – Lumber Tycoon 2?

In order to get end times wood in Lumber Tycoon 2, you need a vehicle to go under the bridge

And you need this “eyeball” and show this to the bridge.

You will need “end times axe”-”black axe”… only this axe can cut the end tree.

If you see a closed door like this, you have more of a chance, that means probably there is no player who went to end the wood before.

Cut this tree because you have to use it to hold the eyeball.

Put the eyeball into hole in the glass. It should not move

Then press “e” and deal with him. You will see the eye disappear.

Yes, now, the bridge will be down.

IMPORTANT: you will only have only 10 minutes to turn back..

Just jump down when you see the ground. Don’t wait for the bridge to land.

Yess, you can see this tree, wonderful, it is the end tree…

It is too hard to take all of the trees.

Just try to get a bigger part…

Otherwise, you will lose all the trees, because it is too tight here.

You may drop all of the trees, and you don’t have much time.

We must move constantly because there are many bugs when the bridge goes up. All of the wood and vehicles will be stuck if you stop the movement. Now, we must be careful, we have to jump right in time.

Let’s make a huge wood with a glitched sawmill. This wood cost 50K.

End wood is the most expensive wood in this game. Let’s try to sell it, its cost was 30K.

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