How To Get Flying Pumpkin Pet In Adopt Me Roblox

In order to get a flying pumpkin, you will need to move closer to the Pumpkin Smash Circle.

Once you’re here, go to the Pumpkin Smash Circle.

Now you have to wait for the Countdown Timer to be 0. Before it goes to 0, make sure you’re standing in this area in the circle!

Once it starts, you will need to smash as many pumpkins as you can.

You don’t need to score a certain amount. After the rounds ends, you’ll get the flying pumpkin pet.

You can ride the pet and also fly on it. The pet’s design is pretty cool, with its rotating leaves.

Here’s how it looks like Riding and Flying it.

Here’s the Flying Pumpkin Pet doing Trick 1.


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