How To Get Free 30x Spin Tokens In The Rolling Thunder Event

KOL stands for Key Opinion Leader. The KOL team is a support program of Moonton for streamers. KOL is made for Facebook and Youtube streamers.

This guide will let you know how to get free avatar borders and 25,000 diamonds every month. You will also come to know the method to join team KOL, MIL and MGL.

For being part of this team, you need at least 10,0000 followers on your page.

And if you are a Youtuber, then you need at least 10,000 subscribers on your channel. After that, the KOL team will monitor your streams for one month. If you’ll do consistent streaming of at least 2-3 hours thrice or more than that per week with minimum views per video, then you will be selected. It is available for every country.

But always remember, you can only fill the form in English. All you need is patience and effort. If you get selected, then you’ll get amazing rewards like diamonds which can vary from 1000 to 3000 in the early stages, then it’ll increase. And not even that, the KOL team will help you to grow your stream.

By doing random skin discounts, code giveaways, etc. for your viewers. MIL is made for YouTubers, and it’s a part of the KOL team too. MIL stands for MLBB Influencer’s League and it’s made especially for YouTubers.MIL helps those content creators who contribute beneficial and helpful information about MLBB.

As a reward, they give diamonds and other perks for being motivated. These are the requirements on views that vary from region to region and these are the rewards in diamonds based on the total views of videos in a month.

There are also bonus diamonds if any video stream reaches a certain number of views. The MIL team will also give you a particular task every week via discord. Like 300 kills or assists through a specific hero or skins in a week etc. And if you do it, then you’ll get 1500 diamonds managed by a moderator of every country.

If your video gets 500+ views then you’ll get bonus diamonds. As a YouTuber, you need to make 3t min videos or 2+ hours streams. For getting MLBB Glory Border these are the requirements. For MLBB Star Border, these are the requirements. For Indonesia, you can get this Stardom border too.

And if you ever saw a Verified “V” sign in front of any MLBB Players, then it’s a reward that is given to some hardworking, emerging & active Youtubers. For those who make fantastic Fanarts and do creative things like Cosplays etc. MGL (MLBB Great Creation League) is for those people.

MGL is active mainly on Instagram and Facebook more where unique artists from different regions post their artworks. There are the works you can do to be a part of team MGL:

For joining MGL, you need to make at least 3 finished works that are MLBB-themed. And a few works in progress to show authenticity besides your work, you will need to provide your contact info like discord ID, in-game ID, and in-game nickname.

It would be best if you also had a pretty valid reason for why you want to join MGL, as it will be asked. You can also participate in the occasional event for winning this shiny Avator Border by making artworks and other stuff. You will get 200 diamonds per work and 500 diamonds for official task artwork and 1000 diamonds per month.


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