How To Get Free Chou Dragon Boy Epic Limited And King Of Muay Thai Elite Skin

The Lethal Nexus is a little hard to understand but easy to play. All you have to do is to collect the trail points. This guide will let you know how to get free Chou Dragon Boy epic limited and kings of Muay Thai elite skin in the Lethal Nexus event.

So here we are in the “Lethal Nexus” event. When you click on the “Go” button, you’ll see multiple options. From which you can log in to verify your account. You can change the language from the top right button.

You can get trial points from various tasks. Most of them are one-time to-do tasks and some can be repeatable. The easiest one to get trail points is to share this event.

By clicking on the social site icons at the bottom, you can do your task. You can invite your friend to get points too. It’ll directly connect you to your in-game friends. You can either select friends one by one to invite or you can click on the “Batch Invite” button to select multiple friends at once. You need at least 5 of them and you can invite them every day. It’ll reset after every 24 hours.

The second way to gain easy points is by opening the comics.

You can find here “read comic strips” for more than 50+ points. Like login games, watch trailers, etc. which you can find easily here. Now for the fun part is how to play this event.

You have to click on the attack button to fight.

Then you’ll either face a monster or get a chest. Both things will give you weapons and Armour, which will make your attack power stronger. The higher your attack power is, the better your are chances to win. You will have only three lives if you fail to kill any monster. After that, you have to invite friends to play more with extra lives. It’s all based on luck but with better weapons, you will have higher chance of winning.

But for the newbies, here’s the best equipment, the one on the right side with 250+150 Ap is the best equipment right now. Remember – You can only equip 1 gun and 1 defense at a time. The first three are the top. The first reward is a free trial card of diggie special skin.

Second is again a trial cord of Layla Blazing Gun epic skin. And the third one is a chest that has a chance of getting a free CHOU Elite skin. These are the overall ones, now check the personal progress bar, you can see it there.

Just beneath all server rewards which can be claimable if all players play this. But the second one is all up to you apart from the arrival token, skin trial card, and lucky spin ticket.

You can get a chance of winning Chou Dragon Boy Epic limited skin. So make sure to try this event as it will not consume a lot of time.

And apart from skins, you can even get free other rewards too which are also helpful.


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