How to Get Free Credits In Critical Ops

In this guide, you will get to know how you can get free credits in Critical Ops. You will be able to know the tricks to get a free elite pass in Critical Ops.

The tricks are very simple, and they will help you out for sure. The first method is only applicable in beta 1.21. It will allow you to invite your friends through Facebook, and then you will receive a free reward. For this, you have to go to the RECRUIT A FRIEND option.

You will get 400 credits along with the Taurus case. You have to Recruit a friend by clicking on the Recruit button to finish the event. You will be given a link to share with your friend, leading your friend to install the game. 

Your friend must have a beta 1.21 program to complete the event. They can get it when they go to the game on the Google play store. 

Once they install the game through your link, they have to run the game and complete the tutorial. Any new player can do this, and after they do it, they have to play a tutorial match against the bots. After the match, they will come up to the main screen. Your friend will be awarded 200 credits and a free case.  

Now they have to LOG IN VIA FACEBOOK. This account must not be logged in before. It must be a new account. Now when you open your game, you will receive a free reward. 

In the second method, you will get thousands of free credits along with the cases through MILESTONES. You have to kill the opponent with a specific weapon. It’s a very simple trick to get free credits.

In the third method, you can get enough free credits from Critical Passes. You can get 300 credits for free from FREE TIER of the season. You can get 1000 credits for free if you have an elite pass. You can buy it for free as you will get back 1000 credits in the end, and you can get 400 by applying the methods of getting free credits.

In the fourth method, you can get free credits through the ads. You can get up to 60 credits every day for free by watching the ads. Through this, you can obtain a free elite pass in one month.

There’s also an option available in which you have to install the game and perform some tasks to get free credits.

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