How To Get Free Epic And Elite Skin In Mobile Legends Bang Bang

The KOF Encore event will stay for a month but F2P players need to focus on the first week. This event starts for a duration but the first week will be crucial for everyone.

In this guide, you will learn how you can get free epic and elite skin in KOF Encore event in Mobile Legends BangBang.

You can join the events for collecting the KOF Ticket. There will be many tasks like login, play a match, recharge diamonds or spend diamonds, etc from which you can gain tickets.

Just like they always do, the first 10th spin will have a guaranteed skin, where you’ll get a guaranteed Karina of Skin. But if you already have Karina KOF, then don’t worry, you’ll not get fragments.

You’ll get a guaranteed epic skin. Now the good thing is that epic skin can be anyone. From 899 purchasable epic skins to time-limited lucky box epic skins.

You can win any of them on the first 10th spin, so make sure not to save some bucks for recharging diamonds. As you need to recharge a few diamonds for a 10x spin but you don’t have to spend them.

Just like the usual KOF event, if you complete a line of three. Whether it’s vertical, diagonal, or horizontal, you’ll get a random KOF time-limited skin.

One from KOF aurora, chou or gusion.

Apart from the KOF Guinevere & dyrroth, skins will be purchasable, from the shop section for a whole month at the price of light borne skins. So just collect KOF stamps and be ready to exchange it for KOF tickets.

This should be a good chance to get an epic skin by recharging a few diamonds.


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