How to Get Free Headless Head in Roblox

This guide will show you two amazing ways to get a free Roblox headless head. There are two different ways to get it for free. 

You can get the headless head by buying the headless horseman package that costs 31k Robux.

But this guide will let you know how you can get this head 100% for free. It is how the headless head will look in the game.

Way 1: Get the city life woman package.

All you have to do is wear the city life woman’s head and change the color to black.

Way 2: Roblox files (that’s a legit way)

You will need to right-click on “Roblox player”, and click on “open file location”. 

You have to do the same thing again.

And then click on “Avatar”. 

When you join the game, it should look like this.

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