How to Get Free Maze Coins in Monster Legends

This guide will let you know how to get FREE Maze Coins FAST in Monster Legends. You just have to follow the simple steps below to get it.

The first and easiest ways are going to be collecting gold and feeding your monsters. You can also collect food and breed and hatch.

For breeding and hatching, it is recommended to buy two thunder eagles from the shop. You do that by going into the shop, then going to the element, clicking on thunder, and then buying two of the birds.

After that, go ahead and breed those together. It will take four hours and then you can do all your collections again after four hours so that you can feed your monsters. So you need to do all that stuff every four hours and if you try to do it before, then you won’t get all the maze coins. You have to do thunder eagles and when you get a notification saying that your breedings are done, you can go and log back in and do everything over again.

You can also get maze coins for collecting and hatching the eggs and then you can also do PVP.

You can do some battles, you get 15 per battle and you can do it twice to get a total of 30 maze coins.

There is also going to be a maze coin inside of dungeons. Probably in resource dungeons where you can get 1500 maze coins which are of course quite a few maze coins and that dungeon will not last during the entire maze so definitely make sure to do it as soon as possible. You can get the monster for around 9000 without a discount.

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