How to Get “Good & Bad Ending” Badges in Piggy Battle

This guide will let you know how to get the “Good and Bad Ending” badge in Roblox Piggy. You will also learn how you can get the Trap Morph/Skin in the game. 

The first thing you will need to do is talk to Mousy’s Twin; she will teleport you to The Piggy Battle.

After that, make your way into the vents.

A mysterious vent, any wonders inside, must be something probably.

First, you need to get the bucket.

Now you have to fill up the bucket with water. There’s a hole with water near the spawn.

Fill this bucket up, and also take the button. Now, you will need to find and put out a fire.

Take the scissors, and now cut the bushes; the gas can will appear in any of the bushes.

Now you will need to use the gas can and button to activate the lasers. Insert a button and then click on it to activate the lasers. Now go to the other side of the lasers and wait for mousy.

She will drop the key now, and you have to unlock the safe to escape. 

Finally, it is time to escape from this nightmare. Now, to get the Bad ending, you need to click “Go against”.

And to get the good ending, you will need to escape again.

This time instead of clicking “Go against”, you have to click “Forgive” to get the good ending.

You don’t need both endings as they both give you the mouse trap skin. 

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