How to Get Heliom in Monster Legends

This guide will let you know how to get Heliom FAST & FREE in Monster Legends Breeding Quest.

Heliom does seem like a pretty good monster and he is pretty easy to get. All you need to do is go over to your breeding temple or burning tree.

It is highly suggested to buy the breeding tree if you don’t already have it. Then click on the breeding mountain button in between all of the other buttons.

You will find a bunch of different monsters pop up and heliom will be the first one when the event starts. So you just need to click on Breed under him and you’ll see all the combos you can get.

The monster that you want will take around a day and 22 hours without a boost. But if you have full boost active, it will take 9 hours and 11 minutes which is definitely a much better time. So you need to keep trying until you get the right monster.

Once you get the monster, you will also get a key and then you can go ahead and take the key into the dungeons. There will be a dungeon where you can get 200 souls and then of course you can go ahead and take the souls into the monster lab. You can rank it up it is definitely worth doing the dungeon because you will make the monster much stronger.

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