How to Get High Stat Armor In Destiny 2

This guide explains how you can get high stat armor in Destiny 2. There are different modes like recovery, Mobility, and discipline, which can provide you various advantages in the game. 

The armor stats are specific values on each armor piece that affect your game power and abilities. If you have 10 out of 100 mobility, it would be the same as having 1 out of 10 mobility. Stats going above 100 will not give you anything extra in the game, as it does nothing to get your stats above 100.

If you have 70 to 79 mobility, then it will not affect your game because you would still be in the seventh level mobility; however, if you move from 79 to 80, then it will make a difference as you have moved from seventh to the eighth level. 

If you have an armor that has 20 recovery and you put a recovery mod on it, then it will have 30 recovery as it would take you to the other level. Mobility increases your speed and the jump height, but it reduces the dodge resilience on a hunter.

Recovery increases the speed to regain your health but it reduces the rift on a warlock.

Discipline decreases the cool downtime of your grenades and allows you to use your grenades regularly.

After that, Intellect decreases your super ability’s cool downtime and allows you to use it regularly.

Strength decreases the cool down time of your melee ability so that you can use it more often.

If your build requires you to punch crazily, you will be interested in getting more strength, but you may be in want of Intellect if you need your super ton. You will only have a maximum of 6 resilience if you are playing PVP, as if you get more resilience, all of them will get wasted. 

Moreover, Mobility is just for those who want to get people down by jumping over them. The iron banner drops psychotic pieces of armor. The next thing is crucible rank-up packages as they reward you with some highly powerful items, and then the last thing is a lucky random world drop. In this way, you will be able to get high stat armor.

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