How to Get Into the Vault at Goggle in Pacifico 2 Playground Town

In this brief guide, you will come to know how to get into the vault at Goggle in Pacifico 2 Playground Town.

Let’s find out how to break into the goggle vault. First, you will need to take a car and drive to goggle. 

Here is the goggle building, enter into it.  

You have to enter through this door, as shown in the image below and find the vault.

Type in 606613, hit the ‘ENTER’ button and head into the vault.  

Before you can hack goggle, you must need to become a criminal. 

After that, get back into your car and reach this building. 

Enter the building and step onto the red “criminal” pads.  

You can also grab a gun and then drive back to goggle. Head back to the vault by entering the same code as before. 

Now you will need to click on the lock symbol to hack the goggle. The screens will get disabled after that.

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