How to Get Invisible Body in GTA 5 Online

In this guide, you will learn how to get the Invisible Body in GTA 5 Online after Patch 1.52. 

You will need to make your way to any Clothing Store. Go to the top section and navigate to Overcoats. You have to wear one of the overcoats. 

After that, open up the Interaction Menu and navigate to Style. Scroll down and go to Jacket and change it to open. Then save this outfit. 

Now you will need to navigate to Heist Overalls and wear any of the last four having the gas mask. 

Exit the store and make your way to the penthouse. Go closer to the telescope, press d-pad and hold the Interaction button. It will take off your mask.

After that, open the Interaction Menu, navigate to Style and wear the outfit that you saved earlier. 

Move up stairs in the clothing room and open the Interaction Menu. Now, you will need to override the previously saved outfit. 

After that, go to Pause menu and navigate to the ONLINE tab. Click on Jobs and then Play Job

Tap on Rockstar Created and navigate to Missions. Now, you have to click on A Titan of a Job

You don’t have to change any settings, just tap on Confirm settings and then Play. Once the job starts, you will need to quit the job through your phone. 

Once you are back in Free mode, you have to equip the outfit that you just saved. 

After that, follow the same method to start the A Titan of a Job mission again. You will have an Invisible Body now. 

Finally, you need to make your way to the nearest Clothing Store and override the outfit that you saved previously. 

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