How to Get Job60 in Easy Way – Ragnarok M Eternal Love

It is a complete preview guide for Revenant in Ragnarok M Eternal Love. 

The world MVP spawns at even hours (12 pm/2 pm/4 pm/6 pm) (GMT+7) at random channels and disappears after 30 minutes. 

It is better to join discord/line/whatsapp/guild etc, to get the latest location of world MVP. After the EP5 SEA update, all channels share the same party, which means you can quickly change the channel by following your party member. You have to complete the Niflheim main quest to use the fly’s wing at the niff area. 

If you saw only a few players are killing/too slow, you might check with discord/guildmate to see which channel is killing faster. 

You will need green stamina and only need to hit one time. You will miss the boss because of the penalty, but you can still get the soul. 

For the priest class, cast lex Aeterna after judex to help kill the MVP faster. 

After receiving 500 souls/breath of death, you have to quickly use the warp portal to return to Izlude town. You will see the skull icon countdown if the world MVP spawns at your channel. You can’t see it on the town map; please stay outside the town.

The world MVP appeared in a hazy maze forest. 


Haze maze forest 



You will need to use the Karfa at the south gate to teleport to specify maps. However, you can appoint one person to change the channel, and others click “follow” for faster CC.

World MVP had the HP shield to prevent overkill. However, it can only survive 6 min under full firepower. 

Just hit one time, and then wait for others to finish it. After that, you have to change to another channel and repeat quickly! 

Will the SEA server give you this hell lag as well? 

Day 1, total seven runs with 23k souls collected.

Day 2 started to lag like hell, only collecting 17 k souls.  

Other than collecting souls with wizard MVP runs, find friends and challenge  ET101/VR 100 revenant for a faster soul collection!

ET101= revenant MVP (2500)x2 = 5000 soul with drop 

VR100= Revenant MVP x1 = 5000 soul with drop 

Oracle = Revenant MVP x1 = Only Normal Drop 

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