How to Get Legendary Cards In Frag Pro Shooter For Free

This guide will let you know how to get legendary cards in Frag Pro shooter for free. You will learn various tricks to get your desired legendary card.

Go to your profile and tap on the “Cloud Save” button. You will need to disconnect Facebook and Gmail.

After that, go on missions in order to open the chest. Open it up and you will get a legendary card.

And then you will need to minimize the game and the settings of your mobile phone. Go to apps manager, then Frag Pro Shooter, and clear the data.

Head back to the game and connect with your Gmail account.

Then you have to again disconnect Gmail and Facebook. Open the chest and you will get the same legendary card again.

Now you will need to repeat the same process to clear game data from your mobile phone. Then head back to the game, log in with your Gmail account, and then log out.

Go to the shop and open the diamond chest to get a legendary card.

If you are not getting the desired legendary card, you can repeat this same process multiple times.

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