How to Get Lucre (Gold) Fast in Echoes of Mana

In this guide, you will learn how to get Lucre Gold fast in Echoes of Mana. You have to follow the simple steps to get it. 

Fifty thousand of Lucre takes a five-star gear from level eighteen to twenty; if you multiply it by six, you will find that you need three hundred thousand per character to take gear from 18 to 20. And 1 to 20 is more expensive at 100k plus per equipment. A four-star memory gem causes double the amount of exp users to level it; for example, a tier-one material that gives 16 exp costs about 32 gold.

A tier 2 material gives five times as much exp as a tier 1, and a tier 3 material gives 25 times as much exp as a tier 1 memory. You need to go to your inventory and look at the tier 3 memory exp; you will see that it sells for 1800 gold. Based on the scaling, tier 2 will be five times less at 360 selling price, and tier 1 will only be 72 gold selling price. 

You will see that tier 1 is selling for 600 gold or 37 gold per memory gem exp, which is a good value to sell in shops. So you will need to ensure not to use tier 1 memory to level up a memory gem.

You need to sell tier 1 memory and use tier 3 or 2 to level up. 3 tier 1 will give you the same gold as a single tier-3 memory, but one gives much less memory gem exp. The memory exp comes naturally from adventure. You can use the blue AP to farm a memory domain which is the hardest domain. You will get 26k gold of tier 1 and tier 2 memory exp. 

It is on top of the Lucre you already get for clearing the domain. You should avoid doing the daily Lucra missions as much as possible since you only have three available missions. Instead, maybe focus that on hero exp or memory gem exp, depending on which your account requires.

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