How To Get Many Gems Without Ban In Dragon City

In this brief guide, you will get to know how to get many gems without getting banned in the Dragon City game.

These tricks are beneficial for beginners, and all the players, especially the heroic race. You can get many gems; you need to do hard work and make it a routine.

A 30 seconds advertisement in the game gives you a lot of rewards. You will need to participate in Dragon City TV events and offer.

For now, every chest has five gems with a 2 percent probability.

For greater rewards, you will need to check the tasks. You might get 100+ gems through the task. Also, you can get ten gems per 12 hours, and that’s also good.

It is your choice to use any third-party tools like mochiabc to speed up watching ads.

Jewelem tower is also handy; it gives you one gem per day if you activate it. You can also participate in the battle league. Set your time when your cooldown has finished.

If you want a faster battle, go to mochiabc and click this feature (your choice).

You can also get dragon tv and video reward. Participate in any events; it may give you a gem reward. Like in the maze island, you can get 150 gems randomly.

To know the location of 150 gems in future events, watch the completion of the event or map info. By making this a routine, you have a chance to earn 1000 gems per month.


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