How To Get Married In Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord

In this guide you will find a way How To Get Married In Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord and a good way to earn some extra money and get to better troops. Just follow the steps in the guide and good luck.

First you have to locate a castle with a single person of the opposite gender and then make your way into the castle. 

After entering, tell her that you are grateful to meet her and offer your hand for a marriage. It will begin a proposal process and she will give you some choices.

During the conversation, you will need to enter the bubbles in there. Pick only those which are going to get you the most of the points and get three of those. You need to show her that you are good and you both have things in common as well. 

After the conversation you can leave for a bandit battle, and then come back to speak to her again.  

During the conversation she will tell you that she needs to have her family’s blessings before getting married to you. And now, you have to ask the head of the family about the marriage.

You have to find the head of her family, and ask him about the marriage. The best way is to pay gold to get her.

Now you have to offer him some horses and gold, you will see a bar on the below image when it gets full than you need to click on the hand.

And the head of the family will be good to accept your marriage proposal. After getting married, if you want to confirm, then you can go to the family member tab and there you will find your new wife. That’s it!

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