How To Get Married In Stardew Valley

Marriage is one of the prominent features in the Stardew Valley game. There are some eligible characters in the game to get married. You have the choice to marry a male or a female because the gender doesn’t matter when it comes to marriage. 

Follow the steps down below in order to find your loved one and get married. 

In Stardew valley you can marry different characters such as Abigail, Emely, Haley, Redlace, Alex, Penny and many others. It’s quite easy to get close to someone in the Stardew valley game.

Building friendships by offering gifts:  

Gifts are the best way to seek the attention of anyone. If you like somebody in the Stardew valley, send gifts to steal her heart. If she accepts your gifts then it will increase the chance of marriage. You can try to impress a boy or a girl, it totally depends on you. Convince your loved one for a meet up or ask to join you in a dance party.

Buy a bouquet from pierre’s and give it to your partner:

Flowers are the real symbol of love, go to the pierre’s shop to get a flower bouquet. But keep in mind that you need 8 hearts to get a bouquet. If you can achieve that, you will get a letter that will inform you that the bouquet is ready. And if you have 200 gold in the inventory, then you can also buy the bouquet of flowers. Take this bouquet to your loved one and confess that you are in love with her.  

Go to your partner and present the bouquet. This will surely melt her heart and turn the friendship into a relationship of love.  

Achieve best friend status(10 hearts) and go on a date:

Now you have to achieve some hearts and you will get a letter after achieving them. 

This letter will be sent by Lewis (bearer and mayor) with wishes and an advice, that states, to stay in the pelican city, the day will come when you propose someone for a marriage. And you have to gift your partner with the traditional mermaid’s pendant. 

You will get another letter from your loved one and she will ask you for the meet up in the evening.  

Now you have to reach the center of town square at 8 pm and enter into the saloon. You will be welcomed with music and you can spend some time with your loved one. Special dinner will be arranged for you and your partner in a private room.    

During the dinner, your partner will let you know her feelings and acknowledge your feelings of love. Spend some private time there and your life will take a new turn.  

Give a mermaid’s pendant to your intended:

You have successfully processed your relationship up till now, go to the beach to present mermaid pendant to your loved one. Pass the little bridge to reach there and start discussion with burey mariner who comes here in all seasons except winter. He will guess that you are here to meet someone and will advise you to buy a mermaid’s pendant. Now you have the option to buy it instantly for 5000 gold or some other time. But it is recommended to buy it on the spot.  

After having a mermaid pendant, you will go straight to your loved one and it’s the right time to get married.  

3 days later, get married:

As you presented a mermaid pendant to your partner, your marriage is announced to be held after 3 days in the town square in front of a big crowd. Lewis, the mayor of the pelican city and the controller of matrimonial seal, will be the coordinator of your wedding ceremony. Lewis is the person who wrote the first letter to you and he will tie you in the new relationship. You are married now and it will be a new beginning of your life, Congratulations !

Lewis is very happy for you and he says that nobody knows you before in the pelican city but now you are a part of our society. Your future is very bright and everyone is happy for you. 

Your life will change on the very next day of the marriage, a new room will be added next to the living room in your house. Your partner will live in this new room with the interior and decoration of her choice. It totally depends on your partner, a male partner will love to have gym and musical instruments in his room whereas a female partner will always keep makeup in the room.  

You will find your partner mostly in the room or just outside around the fields. As you got married now, you have to keep your partner happy all the time by giving some gifts on a regular basis. Must give her at least 12 hearts, so she will stay happy and help you out in the farm. The partner will help you in taking care of the animals, to supply water to the plants and much more. She will make breakfast for you every morning and you will live a happy life with your partner. 

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