How to Get Max Enchantments in Minecraft 1.16+

This guide explains how you can get max enchantments in Minecraft. Just go through the guide and follow step-by-step instructions. 

If you have an item then it can only be edited six times. Let’s say you have these 7 books. Once you enchant the first six books then the last enchantment will be too expensive as only 6 enchantments are allowed.

To get the max level sword, all you have to do is to take your max level 2 enchantments.You will not apply this thing to the ones you already have. As the sword is edited only four times, so it can be edited two more times.

Many people like doing it by combining smaller enchanted books into one book but if you make a new item by combining the previous items then it will keep those edits which have happened with it before.

Edits don’t add together, they add as ones. You should not combine small books to get one book. The best way to do this is to fully enchant some books. You just have to go to your enchantment table and get some XP farms. 

Every now and then some highly good XP farm will be given to you. You should get those that have two or maximum level enchantments. It is recommended to get a fish farm or explore a loot that has enchanted books. In fish farms, you can have many books that have sharpness for looting.

Enchanting the books will take some time, so it is recommended to enchant swords because you can achieve several enchantments with the sword.

In this way, your sword will have 0 edits and will have 3 max-level enchantments. The armor is quite simple as the boots have 7 enchantments but 2 of those 7 enchantments are not compatible.

You will only lose enchantments in the case of boots if you have already repaired them. You should try to get maximum enchantments on a pair of boots once.

Boots are considered the only pair of armors that have that many enchantments. The helmet is also close to it as it has 6 enchantments.

It is a lot simpler to get enchantments with the leggings, chest plates, and helmets as you have to add enchantments on their thorn protection unbreaking and mending. In the case of a diamond helmet, it is also recommended to enchant it like the boots first as you cannot get many enchantments with the leggings and chest plates.

Enchant your helmet and boots first and then add books to it. The sword and the armor are a bit different as they only have 5 enchantments.

If you see it technically, then you only have 4 as you cannot apply the same thing on 2 of them. You can proceed further and get all these books maxed out and then put them in your anvil. Moreover, it is recommended to have two pickaxes, one for fortune 3 and one for sub-touch. It is also recommended to have an axe for sub-touch because you don’t need too many things for the axe.

If you have a fishing farm, then you will get lots of fishing rods with these enchantments so it is recommended to do it rather than enchanting a fishing rod. The next main thing is the bow as you have 6 enchantments with them but just like a shovel, 2 enchantments can be used at the same time. 

Therefore, it is recommended to either enchant a bow or make a fish farm. Any item that has a durability bar, then you can apply and enchant unbreaking 3 and afterward mending 2.

Trident is a bit different as you can have them with loyalty 3 but you cannot have Riptide after getting loyalty 3. 

Riptide is not compatible with loyalty or even with channeling. It is really hard to get enchanted Titans from drops but you should at least try and get them. In the end, it is recommended to go and make a farm that can give you enchanted books such as the fish farm.

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