How to Get Max Level and Unlock All in Black Ops 2 Plutonium

In this guide, you will get to know how to unlock everything in Black OPS 2 Online. You have to follow the steps in this guide, and you will be able to get the max level and unlock everything.  

You can get the Prestige and DLC in no time. You can also get all the weapons, camo, emblem and tag, dlc, dlc2. To obtain everything in Black OPS 2 Online, you need to press the “~” keyboard button, as you can see in the image below. 

After pressing the button, you have to type “unlockall” and hit the Enter key. Once you have done it, press that button again to exit the menu. 

Now, you will have the weapons like submachine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, and even special weapons.

You can also get the Prestige Master with the maximum level. 

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