How To Get Militrua – Creatures of Sonarua

This guide will let you know how to get the Militrua in Roblox Creatures of Sonarua. You will need to complete the secret mission to get Militrua.

To unlock the Militrua, players must eat 300 food from the underwater palm trees as a semi-aquatic herbivore in one session without going to the menu or leaving the game.

Make sure to use the male gender; you need the male gender because you will set the nest food! 

After that, starve your creature, swim down and eat seaweed. You will need to hold E to eat. 

If you are having difficulty finding seaweed, you need to use sniff or press “H”. 

Welp, if it’s semi-aquatic, they will fix it soon. You may find it random and herbs gacha; let’s try your luck! 

It has a passive ability that is unbreakable. It means immune to physical ailments such as bone break and ligament tear.

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