How to get Monkey Emoticon – Perfect World Mobile

This guide will let you know how to get monkey emoticons in Perfect World Mobile.

You will need to collect two pieces of monkey shards. And crucible them to get this monkey emoticon.

The first quest is Eastern Cultivation I. You have to go to the great lake and hit exactly the following spot on the map. 

The coordinates are 23,298,194. You will find a “traveller” standing near the river. 

He will give you a hint about” meditation” under the waterfall. Go into the river, and aim for this exact spot.

Open your map for easy navigation. Stand at this coordinate: 25,298,194. Once you are in the right position, tap “action” and choose “meditate”. 

That action will automatically trigger the hidden quest. 

You will be asked to find master zenzou. And finding him can be quite a pain in the ass. 

The NPC you are looking for does not stand a fixed position like others. He’s constantly moving around the patch and walking around the map. Just search him along the main road, circling the map, counter clockwise. 

He will have a question mark on top of his head.    

You will be challenged to do meditation in weird places. On top of a tree, windmill, a boat. But they are easy quests. 

In the end, you will receive your 1st monkey shard. 

The next mission is at celestial vale. You will need to open your map and go to emerald falls. 

Go on the top of the waterfall, and there you will find a bunch of monkeys lurking around.

Kill those monkeys, and after a while, a quest will appear. 

From there on, follow the quest; it should be easy. You have to fight the blue monkey king and guess his clone. 

Once you get your second piece, you have to crucible them and activate. 

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