How to Get Phoenix Blade in King Legacy

This guide will show you how to get a Phoenix Sword in Roblox King Legacy.  

Mrs. Mother drops the Phoenix sword at the cake island.  

Mrs. Mother spawns in the big castle and spawns after 4-5 hours, and it also spawns in private servers. 

When she spawns after Oden, in chat, it will look like this, 

Go with at least three people because she is very strong. 

Now showcase time.

Rising phoenix (Z): it’s a double impact attack; first a phoenix goes towards the enemy, and then a second blast comes. 


Devine mode (X): its bow mode, the sword comes bow and shoots three times, and in each round, there are 4-5 arrows. 

Damage: 40K (if you hot all the shots)

You also get flame hair from Mrs. Mother drop; it increases 7.5% fruit damage.       

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